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An ATG-based athletic training company.

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About Authentic Athletic Group

Founded by L2 ATG Coach Jason Zang, Authentic Athletic Group specializes in mobility training using ATG principles. Authentic’s training is scalable to all ages/ability levels and emphasizes joint and connective tissue health.

Authentic’s goal is to help people live healthy, active, pain-free lives. Athletes in all sports will benefit from our training designed to strengthen and lengthen underdeveloped muscles such as the hip flexors and bulletproof joints such as the ankles, knees, and shoulders. We strive to help you perform at high levels in life and sports alike for as long as you desire.

Reach out to Jason directly at 443-553-4740 or at for information on rates and programs. Thank you for your trust!

Guy performing a squat with perfect form.

Athletic Programs

We offer individual and group packages with daily, weekly or monthly training frequency options.

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